Saturday, August 22, 2009

Birthday presents from one of our BFF

New dresses from Vodka. Thanks a lots prince charming =^_^=
Our new pink rope toy. We LOVED it. =^_^=
Our new blue rope toy. Lots of fun this evening. =^_^=
Another photo of our elegant velvet dresses and bows.
It's beautiful. Isn't it? =^_^=

Emmy and I received the coolest birthday presents from our four paws BFF, Vodka. Vodka got us an elegant black velvet dresses and rope toys. The beautiful black velvet dresses are decorated with rhinestones and lace patterns. We wear the dresses with matching color black dog show bows made by our Godmother, Cheryll. The dresses transform us into princesses. We played with our new pink and blue rope toys all evening today.


Taiana Pereira said...

gorgeous puppies!


♥玮倩 said...

Hello Emma&Emmy,

really glad that you girls look gorgeous in the dress!!! But i think the red one would look nicer on your. Mummy intend to get the red ones, but it was oos.

hope you girls have fun with your new toys! have a great day ((:

best regards

eLaiNe said...

Emma and Emmy..
u both so pretty...

natalie said...


Thanks for asking.. I'm well into my 8th months now :) should be due in early Oct although the EDD is late Oct, as baby has already engaged into low position. Cheers!


eLaiNe said...

thanks for dropping at at our blog..Dou Dou is happy to have u both as frens too..btw Pinkie dun belong to us..

it's belong to a fren whom went for Pinkie cm to stay over..=)

btw yr blog is linked up..hope u dun mind..hehe


Hi Emma and Emmy,

Star and me are sooo glad that ya'll stop by at our blog. We are really happy to meet you two beautiful girls.

I can understand why you are both show doggies cause you are sooo gorgeous! Whoohoo! I luv pretty girls!

Star loves your black velvet dresses and they go very well with your hair. Sooo fashion forward!

Next time you drop by, please sign our guestbook. We are sooo glad that you are our new friends.

See ya soon,
Riley and Star.

VALERIE♥ said...

Hello Emma & Emmy . :D
OH MY ! You girls look really gorgeous !! :D Pretty girls :D

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

OMG, you gals look so stunning!!!