Saturday, August 1, 2009

1 year old birthday and Contest

Our BIG 1 year old birthday finally arrives today. Yippee!!! This is our special birthday cake. We receive our first birthday presents from our human friend, Yvonne. She bought us a neem oil pet wash soap for our birthday. The soap is made in Australia and she brought it all the way back to US. We feel so special and LOVED by our human friend. <3 <3 <3

We have been blessed to meet so many four-legged friends online around the world. Our wish is to make more furry friends this year.

Contests and Prizes for furry kids and animal lovers
Our family want to share their joy of our 1st birthday with our online furry friends and families. Everyone is welcome to entered and we have 3 prizes for everyone a chance to win. 2 prizes are for furry kids, and 1 prize is for pet lovers. All you need to do is to put a comment in our blog and tell my family "What you like about us?". Three lucky winners will be announced on August 15th.
1st prize - Pinkaholic dog harness & leash set
2nd prize - Gooby Pink Dog T-Shirt
3rd prize - Doggie T-Shirt for animal lovers


♥玮倩 said...

Hello Emma&Emmy,

am i the first??? Wishing the both of you a happy barkday!!! Your wish will definetly come true, because the both of you will be making more furry friends as time pass. Nobody can resist such cutie pies.

What i like about Emma&Emmy is that, we shared the same birthday month!!! Isnt that so great?

Have a great day, have fun!!!

P.S: Am so sry that your present didnt arrive on the actual day.

best regards

Iceman@SG said...

Hi Emma & Emmy,

Saw from Vodka's blog that it's your barkday.

Happy Barkday, Gals!!

May you both be surrounded by lots of love and treats!

Have fun and enjoy this special day :)


VALERIE♥ said...

Hi Emma&Emmy . (:
i came from vodka blog and saw is your birthday ! (: HAPPY BIRTHDAY , LADIES ! (: Hope you all enjoy your birthday . :D Nice to know you (: What i like about your two girls is that , you two girl are such a cuties ! (: and i also love shih tzu (: lovely ladies ! (: enjoy your special day (:

VALERIE♥ said...

oh yahs . link me up :D . (:

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Wishing you two the next 365 days filled with love, furry friends, toys and treats, a lot of treats!
And what I like about you?
'Cause you're Perry's little sisters, you're adorable in your stylish fashion, you two loving each other so much.
We love you too, muahhh!

eLaiNe and Dou Dou said...


Emma and Emmy i'm Dou Dou from s'pore..
always view yr blog..keke..

anyway Happy 1st Barkday to both of u...

stay healthy and pretty...

woof woof,,,

Dou Dou boy and mummy Elaine...

Wen said...

Hi Emma & Emmy,

Happy 1st Barkday to both of you!

Hope both of you have a great day with lots of yummies and surprises!

Love from,
Wen & Wally, Win, Sniper, Cooper, Want & Waren!

Lorenza said...

Happy Birthday Emma and Emmy!
Kisses and hugs

Jenny said...

Happy Birthday!!


(( SKY )) said...

Happy Birthday!
You are so loved by your family!

Tzumommy said...

Wishing you a very Happy belated Birthday!!!

Hope your day was filled with happiness and lot of family and presents !

I love babies they are so gorgeous.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the Best Little Girls. You always make your Human Family soooooooo Happy. :)))


Snowy and Crystal said...

Hello beautiful Emma and Emmy, we wanna wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY =D WOW you are 1 ...congrats

Tzu Lovers said...

Dear Emma & Emmy,
Happy Brithday to you. May your birthday fills with wonderful tasty treats and toys...

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Emma & Emmy!

I will let you know how quickly Blue wolfs down your birthday cupcake!!!


Checkers said...

Happy Birthday Girls!!!!

Zen said...

happy belated barkday to beautiful Emma & Emmy :) we wish you and your family healthy and happy always!

lots of love from sunny singapore :)