Sunday, January 11, 2009

Too much to tell U all

Happy New Year to ALL Fur Friends. My family had been taken time off from work since Christmas week until after New Year to spend time with us. We had a blast with our family during the holidays, and have SO MUCH too tell U all.
12/10/08 (Wednesday) - Puppies First Snow Day
Hello Mango, Did U see the snow falling down? OMG, this was the first time we saw snow falling from the sky. It was great as it rarely snow in Texas. My family dressed us up warmly before letting us went outside and took our first snowy night pictures.
12/25/08 (Thurs) - Puppies First Christmas
SANTA came and dropped off presents for us. We received Santa Duck, Floppy, Squeaker Rabbit, and cookies from Santa. Mimi came and had lunch with my family. She was so nice and gave us Christmas presents. We got Eukanuba natural dry food and Train-Me Training Reward Treats from Mimi. Mommy sew and gave us matching pink coats for Christmas.
12/26/08 (Fri) - Emmy lost first puppy tooth on Boxing Day
How mom caught and saved my first tooth? I was came out from downstairs restroom after tinkle, and walked to my mom. Mommy heard something dropped on the wood floor while I was walking toward to her. So, she came and check on me to see what was dropped on the ground as she did not want me to swallow something unsafe. There she found my puppy tooth. Mommy was jumping with joy when she caught my tooth and gave me big kisses. The next day mommy found a treat under my bed and said Tooth Fairy gave me a treat for my lost tooth.
12/31/08 (Wed) - Emma lost first puppy tooth on New Year's Eve
My mommy caught me lost my tooth in action. I was walking to the sofa after drank & ate some snacks. All of the sudden, my tooth falling down from my mouth to the wood floor. My mom was walking with me and she caught it fell off. She was jumping with joy like won the LOTTO. She found 2 containers to separate my baby sister and my puppy tooth. I was so happy that I got a treat from Tooth Fairy as I did not get one when Tooth Fairy visited my baby sister.
1/6/08 (Tues) - Our school started.
We are taking Basic Obedience Class for the OT competition. It is a 6 weeks class before we move up to the next level Introduction to Obedience Competition. Unlike Confirmation competition, my family is not familiar with the OT competition. Therefore, my family found an experienced OT teacher, Judy Ramsey, to teach them & us.
Our teacher, Judy, has 26 years of experience on AKC agility, obedience, & rally competitions. Her pooches had AKC OTCH (Obedience Trail Champion) titles, and one of her dog was the winner of 2001 World Dog Series Agility and Obedience Competition in Detroit.
The OT competition is highly rely on the dog owner and the dog team work. The teacher just teaches the skills. The dog owner is the main person really needed to have close teamwork relationship with his/her furry kid.
We like the school so much as it is very roomy. The place is an indoor opened field 5000 sq ft facility. So every pooches have enough personally space.


Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Oh yeah, I saw shaved ice falling down from above, I was excited!
You had your pups teeth saved?
You must have a wooden floor in the house right? Mine falling when and where has still been unsolved mystery, hehe!

Mango the Maltese kiddo said...

Dear Emma and Emmy,
Angel Perry is your brother?
Oh I love Perry so much, he has his own blog which I enjoy reading it. How wonderful, I love you two as much as I love him.

Twinkle a.k.a Chicken Little said...

Hi Emma & Emmy, nice meeting you gals & thanks for dropping by my blog. I will link u gals to my blog ya.

slurpy licks,

Amber said...

Hi Emma and Emmy! You both are so cute!! is good to see you have so much going on :D

Amber licks!!

Elmo&Dana said...

So much news so much news!!!!
Love the pictures, you guys are too cute for your own good. Is Emma the only one who lost her baby tooth? Come on Emmy you gotta catch up and not be the baby sister!!

(( K@Y )) said...

Nice to see you two again.
Nice stuff you got there.