Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Introducing Emma's baby sister - Emmy

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Puppy circled in red - Emma
Puppy circled in blue - Emmy

As some of you might have noticed, my blog's title and profile have changed. My baby sister, Emmy, has been added to the title also. The description changed it from "Lion Puppy Tales" to "Tales of 2 Tzu Puppies."
My family decided to adopt my baby sister, Emmy, as we are inseparable. Not only we are the solely black & white puppies in the litter, but my baby sister is almost always by my side (see above pics). My breeder, Cheryll, agreed that it is fate that we are together. My family is convinced that Emmy is my partner in crime like the infamous ladies"Thelma & Louise". LOL!!!!!
I will be participating confirmation dog shows, and my sister will be participating Obedience and Agility competitions. So, we both have something to join.
BTW - Elmo, Zen & Patches, and Ben from BWTH Dog House have 2 new puppies online pals - Emma & Emmy (tee..heee...). Also, my family is so excited we finally have online pal, Mango, from Texas also.

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